Why The Salsa is Becoming so Popular

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Published: 13th December 2010
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One kind of dance that is increasing in popularity is the Salsa. It is very likely because of the passionate, sensual, provocative routines and sheer closeness of the dancers. This is an electrifying dynamic style of dance about the relationship between a Man and a Woman.

It's also evolved into the dance of choice for the creation of numerous an passionate love story in modern day movies. "Dirty Dancing" starring Patrick Swayze springs to mind.

Forms of Salsa

The Salsa can best be defined as a mixture of dances and cultures coming from around the end of the 19th Century from Cuban Son music; Son being the Spanish name for sound. It is really a rich diverse form of Latin American music heavily influenced by both Western and African cultures.

Through time the Salsa has developed into various diverse versions named after the particular geographical regions that they originated from. A few examples of these types of Salsa are as follows: -

The Cuban or "Casino" Salsa might best be identified as the relationships between the sexes with the dancers intimately teasing and taunting one another by way of the gyrating of the hips and shoulder within really close proximity to one another but without actually making contact.

The Columbian or "Cali" Salsa is best known due to its intricate footwork comprising of quick steps together with skipping movements along with attempting to keep the top half of the body still.

The Los Angeles Style Salsa is one of the newer types of Salsa adapted out of the Latin American music of the late Twentieth Century. Large numbers of the Salsa moves you can see in today's performances have been derived from this style of dance that can take quite a lot of it's lifts along with other fancy stunt work from different types of Latin and Ballroom Dances.

Recent Developments

Such is the popularity of this dance form that Salsa classes are available world-wide. Good tutorial Salsa Dance DVD’s are often easily available for both completely new as well as advanced dancers.

Plus, for maximum satisfaction; if you want to bring out the desire and emotion associated with this type of dancing there are lots of gorgeous dancing costumes that will boost the dancer’s figure, which may be bought online. When danced correctly the Salsa can be about as hot and erotic as any dance among two people could possibly get.

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